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Pancham Prashar

Pancham Prashar

Pancham Prashar

Nutrition & Performance Coach and Co-Founder, Cue Blocks

Pancham Prashar is a Plant-based nutrition and human optimization, enthusiast.

Pancham studies nutrition, human optimization, longevity science, and cellular energy. In 2014 he took a deep dive into Nutritional study and self-experimenting. After following a Whole Food, Plant-Based lifestyle he experienced tremendous improvements in his health and nearly reversed the inevitable effects of aging. Now inspired to share this knowledge with others, he conducts free sessions and seminars in Chandigarh. The sessions are focused on simplification of the knowledge of nutrition and making it accessible to everyone. He provides practical suggestions and outtakes for people of all ages and economic backgrounds to incorporate in their lives in order to live a more wholesome and healthful life; directing the attention to healthspan and not lifespan.

His focus is on the keystone habits around nutrition & circadian health which help with longevity, increase in cellular energy, and living a qualitative life free of preventable diseases.

Having trained in different forms of Martial Arts, Pancham currently holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing. He also enjoys distance running and yoga.
He claims to be no expert, but a researcher in the field of health and longevity. He is driven by the ethos of continual learning and sharing.
Apart from his passion for nutrition and wellness, he is also the Co-Founder of www.CueBlocks.com an eCommerce focused Digital Agency.