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CEO, Business Blogging Pvt Ltd

Kiruba Shankar is passionate about all things digital and is the CEO of Business Blogging. He has 24 years of work experience and helps craft digital strategies for large firms.

He has authored five books and has been a technology columnist for newspapers such as Business Standard, Financial Express and The New Indian Express. He is a professional speaker and heads the Professional Speakers Association of India.

In the weekends, Kiruba heads to his village where he passionately pursues organic farming in his 13-acre farm.

At LifePlugin Summit 2018, his talk is based on his upcoming book, ‘UnKick the Bucket‘. It focuses on key life lessons we can learn from people who have had near-death experiences and how these life-altering incidents can help us focus on the right priorities in our lives and live a life true to our inner calling.