LifePlugin Summit: A 3 Day Immersion in 'Life Design' hosted in a paradise location

19-21 April 2019, Shimla

What is Life Designing?

Reflecting On What Really Matters In Life.

Life Designing is a rapid prototyping process that allows us to make sense of where we are, discover how we want to grow and engineer peak experiences in different areas of our life.

It allows us to self QnA ourselves:

“How can I constantly grow my mind, my body, my career, my relationships and lead an extraordinary life?

How does that life look like?

How do I design to make it a reality? How should my beliefs, habits, rituals evolve to get there?”

We will be exploring all areas of our lives (mind, body, career relationships), challenge the current Operating System we are running on, and create strategies to upgrade it to produce the results that we want.

What You Will Get and Why You Can’t Miss It

#1. Brutally honest, powerful workshops and talks on various aspects of Life Design

#2. Deep & meaningful connections with a community of like-minded thinkers; rebels, misfits, people who can’t be put in a box.

#3. Learn how to hack your life to explore its full potential, and action plan for designing it for yourself.

#4. Continual support and accountability systems to ensure your inspired plans from this summit turn into actions, habits and new reality.

#5. Have a blast in a paradise location and create a lot of lasting memories.


Personal Growth

Dive deep in all aspects of personal transformation; mind, body, relationships and spirituality.


Hear the best minds share their decades of experience and research and bring forth alternate models of living


Work along peers to prototype concepts and make a step-by-step action plan


Experience the transformation; ice bath, meditations, breathwork, yoga, crossfit…


Spend time in nature, balance your senses and experience increased vitality

Socials & Parties

Spend time and celebrate life with new found friends in your own way…with theme parties, star gazing or catching the sunrise together.

LifePlugin Summit Experience

Aftermovie of our adventure in Goa 2018. Deep immersion in personal growth, a gorgeous beach, connections with brilliant Outliers from over 13 countries, and a ton of fun!

Tribe Stories & Experiences
Goa, Oct 26-28, 2018

Hear from our tribe members as they share experience from Lifeplugin Summit held in Goa. Our highest rated conference of the year with the most diverse roster of speakers and attendees.

Aftermovie from Shimla
April 27-29, 2018

The gathering of 130 people in Himalayas, for the 2nd edition of LifePlugin Summit.

Your Teachers in Shimla

Shayamal Valabhjee

Shayamal Valabhjee

Performance Psychologist to Professional Athletes, Sports Scientist

Gauranga Das

Gauranga Das

Leadership & Mindfulness Coach, ISCKON Monk, Director of Govardhan Ecovillage

Alsu Kashapova

Alsu Kashapova

Certified Breathwork Instructor



Founder, LifePlugin



Biohacker and Fitness Coach



Yoga & Meditation Teacher



Personal Branding Consultant, Ex-Head of Marketing for Mindvalley



Co-Founder and Curator, LifePlugin

We Are Going To Shimla

19 - 21 April 2019

The location plays a pivotal role in the experience design of LifePlugin Summit. Here’s why we are going to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is the finest state of India capital with the stunning scenery, an extensive history and a refreshing ambience. Shimla and the surrounding region makes for a great destination for the next edition of LifePlugin Summit.

This Summit is covered by ``No Questions Asked Guarantee``

We Guarantee Results

This summit comes with a “No-questions-asked” refund policy. If you have a change of plans or a change of heart due to any reason, all you have to do is send us one email and you will have a full refund. You can refund anytime until March 15, 2019.

The Tribe

The Secret Sauce to Lifeplugin's Success

Here’s the best part – you are not attending one event. You are joining a community of brilliant outliers; entrepreneurs, working professionals, artists, teachers, coaches, and students.

These become your accountability network, future business partners, future travel companions and life-long friends.

What Attendees Are Saying..


Niluufer Jain

Founder - The Happy Career Project

I not only gathered profound insights into how to take my life to another level but I also got to really deeply reflect on the current state of my life. I feel by the end of it I transformed myself fundamentally while attending quite a few stellar sessions. Sessions on identifying my core values and forgiveness have truly changed my perspective on myself as well as few of my relationships, something I didn’t believe could happen.

I highly recommend attending the LifePlugin Summit. Who knows, you may come out a changed person, just like I did ☺


Amit Aggarwal

Managing Director at Anushri Commodities

LifePlugin for me is synonymous with life celebration. Learning life-changing skills in fun-filled manner has been the hallmark of the summit.  Great content, top class speakers, aesthetically conceived, structured and organized at must-visit locations. It’s a delight to be a part of the lifeplugin eco system. The program has a life-changing impact and is worth every bit of investment. Look forward to many more editions and wish the entire team a great future ahead.


Prachi Palli Panda

HR Consultant

With an impressive speaker line up, great content, contagious energy, engaging and high quality discussions, Life PlugIn Summit in Goa really stood out as an absolute must-attend event for anyone on the lookout for some inspiration!


Rahul Dhiman

Key Accounts Manager at CMC

LifePlugin offered a safe space, exclusive time, relatable issue and solutions that are nonchalant. No wishy-washy terminology, no life-altering medicines, and cures. LifePlugin helped me reconnect with nature, introspect and most importantly take the first step towards personal development and learning. Such basic yet important things that we ignore, can make a profound holistic impact.


Shruti Mohan

BD Manager, Centillion

The concept of LifePlugin really caught my eye and it was an impulsive decision to attend it. And I’m so glad I did. The facilitators are people who live by the principles they speak about. An environment where everyone wants to see you grow and bloom is such a rare find. It’s not just talks. You get a direction with action steps and you have your tribe always pushing you forward. In our daily life, we don’t give ourselves time to pause and reflect on things. I got to do that here. There were some beautiful sessions. It’s something you should definitely experience once to say the least. Can’t wait to reunite with my tribe again.


Manna Kanuga


There are few words in the english language that can help me describe the feeling but even they wouldn’t do justice to the overall gratitude that I feel towards Life Plugin Summit, to every speaker and volunteer, to every attendee and every sunset. I am truly blessed and feel a different kind of happiness that I feel people are feeding off me back in Mumbai. I’m glad I can give that to people and most of all to myself. Thank you.


Kristina Lakshiani

Co-Founder, Mindvalley

I had no idea what I was in for. And that is coming from a co-founder of an international education company, a person 15 years in personal growth and transformation industry, someone who personally knows most of teachers, authors and influencers in our field and, believe me, I’ve been to a million events.

But hands down, LifePlugin was for me, one of the most remarkable transformational experiences.


Abhishek Rajput


LifePlugin gave me the realisation that to live a more fulfilled life I have to focus on all aspects of life like health, love, mindfulness, emotional cleansing, learning, building stronger human connections etc. It is the ideal space for me to design my journey in each of these areas with the guidance of the mentors. Over the last 3 Summits I have grown leaps and bounds in every area that I’ve chosen to focus on. I’ve lost 10 kgs, experienced what it means to love myself and love someone else, inculcated many new habits and so on.


Ashwath Vyas Sudam

People Lover & Entrepreneur

Going to LifePlugin Summit was a key decision I made in 2017. The experience at the summit was transformative to say the least. Deep insights into yourself is a luxury a lot of us don’t get. The entire team did a wonderful job of enabling us to identify areas of improvement and make the most of our time.

$1953 Day Access
Early Bird
  • Talks & Workshops
  • Morning Workouts
  • Evening Socials
$2753 Day Access
Early Bird 2
  • Talks & Workshops
  • Morning Workouts
  • Evening Socials
$3753 Day Access
  • Talks & Workshops
  • Morning Workouts
  • Evening Socials

**Food and Accommodation cost is not included in the summit fee. Check FAQs for details

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule of the event?

The event begins at 12noon on Friday afternoon (April 19) and will run through Sunday Night (April 21) Checkout from venue 11AM on Monday, April 22nd

Each morning will begin at 9 AM. Times are flexible and outcomes are absolute so end times will vary – we do advise in preparing for late nights as there you will find yourself connecting with the other attendees and enjoying the socials 🙂

A large part of this event is focused on you creating your strategies for your Life Design. So with all the speakers and workshops, you will be taking a lot of notes, so bring your favourite notepads.

There will be stretch, snack and meal breaks throughout the day. You’ll be given breaks for lunch and dinner, and you can eat either at the hotel or in nearby food outlets.

Is there anything I should bring?

Yes, there are a few things that you may want to bring. A journal and something to write with. One costume for Sunday night social (to be revealed). Some healthy snacks and your own water bottle. Business cards. Lastly, fill the questionnaire I send after you purchase the ticket as it will play a huge role in designing your experience and also will set your intentions for the summit.

Is there anything else I should know?

You are coming to this summit to learn and to develop new skills. And, we hope, to have fun. It is worth spending some time before you come to really think about how bringing consciousness into designing your own life, will impact your mind, health, relationships, and business. The stronger your ‘why’ the more you will learn.

Is there a Refund Policy for this event?

If this summit does not completely exceed every expectation you have, we will refund your money.

It’s a pretty bold claim, yet there is a reason I can make it. We are so confident of it’s impact it will have on you, that we have no fear making this guarantee.

By the end of the event, if you tell us that you want your money back because the summit didn’t live up to the results you wanted, you can get your money back.

What’s included in the Summit Access fee?

Access to all of the conference talks & workshops
Access to all morning workouts
Access to all evening socials

Note: This does not include the food and accommodation. People are free to book their own accommodations near the conference venue and we will get some cool deal in the hotel we host this conference in, for people who want to stay there itself.

What about Food and Accommodation?

Usually, people are free to book their own accommodations near the conference venue and we will get some cool deal in the hotel we host this conference in, for people who want to stay there itself.

For the April 2019 edition, we have planned a residential summit. We are still working out the details for the food and accommodation but for now, assume a figure of close to Rs 9000 which would include the following:

– Welcome drink on arrival
– Buffet Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
–  Tea/Coffee dispenser in the rooms
– All Taxes
– Mid Morning Tea/Coffee with Cookies
– Evening Tea/Coffee with light snacks

I can’t attend the full event, is there a per day fee that I can purchase?

Unfortunately not. We have kept event access fee a low entry point for people to access it. But we are so confident in the value this will give to people, there is a full money back guarantee.

How should I dress for the event?

No strict code for the conference, whatever you are most comfortable in. Do bring some swimming clothes, comfortable sportswear as we will be practising some breathing exercises in a swimming pool at some point and the morning workouts/exercises. Also recommended bringing a jacket for the chilly Himachal nights.

Can I connect with my fellow participants before the event?

Absolutely. There will be a private Facebook group for the event which will be a closed group accessed only by the summit attendees.

What language will the seminar be held in?

The entire summit will be conducted in English

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